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Book Excerpts

From "Insatiable Purpose"

(Unapologetic: A Poetry Collection)

We are all housed on life’s dead end street hoping purpose pulls into the driveway... 

Before the hearse.

Modern Day Genocide

(Unapologetic: A Poetry Collection)

This is modern day genocide 

Resulting from acceptable homicide.

Guns used as pesticides

To get rid of unwanted flies.

You all better realize,

Before this race is immobilized, 

that without our men we can't thrive.

And slowly, they are victimized

Then, thrown in a hole to never rise.

Please know they won't apologize 

For these wrongs they have legalized.

Strange fruits-can you visualize?

Lynching has only been modernized.

As a people we should synchronize 

and there is no time to criticize.

Each other we should patronize,

Prayer, peace, and voice- utilize.

And in these trying times... 

family needs to be revitalized,

Love needs to be emphasized,

And our community- homogenized.

These concepts must be prioritized...

If we are to see future generations.


(Unapologetic: A Poetry Collection)

Our love floats along,

Majestically like the graceful butterfly.

Bonded by blended hues so vibrant in its wings

Exceptional, pleasing to the eye.

Delicate and soft as peony petals,

Desirable to touch but hard to catch.

Racing, dancing softly, commanding attention,

Displaying more than sheer love,

Enamored with the thought of us.

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