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Unapologetic is a collection of poetry and prose compiled to share personal expressions on the themes of life, love, and society from the Black female perspective. Bravely tackling various issues like race, injustice, motherhood, and self-realization, this contemporary work of literary art captures readers' minds while capturing their souls with honesty and clarity through highlighting the lens of Black female everydayness.

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Poetry is integrity driven by passion. It is difficult at times, to find one’s voice and a place in the world, especially when one is a writer who teaches and a teacher who writes. Discovering one’s voice requires unashamed, relentless perseverance and passion. Sharonica Nelson’s collection, Unapologetic, debuts an impenitent collection of thoughts, tributes, frustrations, hymns, and prayers dedicated to the people who give her strength, the career that has made her the teacher she is, the spirituality and faith that maintains her core, and the on-going quest for social justice she has in her heart, mind, and soul. Here, the lyricism of Brooks, Giovanni, Angelou, McKay, and Rankine are found singing throughout the poems. Unapologetic is written with love, from a life of love, and for the love of a society that may one day be less callous. ~Bryan Ripley Crandall, Ph.D., Director, Connecticut Writing Project and Associate Professor, Fairfield University

Unapologetic brings a transparency, honesty, and relevance to the reader during these uncertain times. It is a courageous and bold statement that speaks truth, wisdom, and encouragement. It touches in a variety of areas that affect us all from family, work, feelings, and racial equality. We are opened up to the experiences and issues that we face on a daily basis.

She invites us to explore and relate to her experiences with true and sincere honesty and openness. The reader feels encouraged knowing that he or she is not alone in his or her feelings and experiences. We receive words of wisdom, hope, and encouragement that we can overcome anything that we face. Also, we don’t have hide or run from our experiences. We are taught to be unapologetic in our feelings, experiences, accomplishments, and downfalls.  Experiences make us who we are today so never apologize for them. From our experiences spring our greatest testimony and growth. Get ready for an unforgettable journey that is so worthwhile that you will never forget it. -Dionne Trannon, Educator and Blogger, Founder of Inspiration by Dionne Nicole

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